Finishing Touches Event & Wedding Decor Hire Leeds, Yorkshire

Every event deserves to have a pièce de résistance. A talking point, a lynchpin, a decoration that rounds off everything else and makes a party the toast of the town. Our finishing touches collection features props that can turn any venue into an entertainment wonderland.

From postboxes to seating plans, we’ve got something for every kind of party.

Post Boxes

Meet Vivian and Elizabeth. Our lovely lady post boxes that are ready to bring a touch of the personal to your party. These traditional Royal Mail ER post boxes are suitable for all occasions and come with a personalised card on the front.

Both items are lockable, ensuring an extra layer of safety for any belongings you may want to keep inside. Vivian comes in a classic ivory colour, while Elizabeth is the lady in red and both are sure to stand out when you put them on display.

Size: 57 x 34 x 23cm, each postbox weighs 17kg

Moon or Crescent Seating Plan

Send your friends and family over the moon with our crescent shaped seating plan. Shaped as a golden moon, the prop comes with a detachable base, meaning it can be used for different situations.

Whether you’d like to use it as a backdrop to complement other fixtures or incorporate it into your seating plan, you have the option.

The crescent moon prop would fit right into a work do, birthday party or friendly get together. It’s the right combination of kitschy and elegant!

Size: 1.6m x 90cm


Cross Back Chair Hire
Our wooden cross back chairs are perfect for weddings or any occasions.

Chiavari Chair Hair
Give your even a real touch of class by the always popular Chiavari chairs. Available in white, black, gold, silver and limewash.

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