Neon Signs for Hire Leeds, Yorkshire

Want to add some individuality and character to your day? Our neon signs are perfect for bringing something extra to your event space. Multi-coloured, custom-designed and striking, each sign can be fitted to your exact specifications.

No event will ever be the same, make it your way!

The Moon 

Introducing our iconic To The Moon And Back neon sign. It could be the classic and luxurious combination of gold mirror acrylic and cool white neon. Or it could be the epic statement it makes at 1.5m tall.

Either way, it gives us the feels – Every. Single. Time.

It makes the most incredible statement piece for your big day, engagement party, baby shower or any special event!

Size: 1.2m L x 1.5m H (approx)
Material: Gold Mirror Acrylic Backing & LED Neon

Let the Adventure Begin

Set off on your own adventure and guide your guests along with this elegant neon sign. Whether the journey you’re about to go on is a wedding or your announcing the sound of little footsteps, this piece will elevate the occasion.

Unsure on a colour scheme?

No problem! Our Let The Adventure Begin sign can change colour and suit the time of day and the mood of the event. Variants include purple, blue, green, red and more. Style it however you want.

Size: 65cm x 1.5m

Crazy in Love

When love is in the air, it’s time for a sign that matches the feeling and our Crazy In Love is the perfect accompaniment.

Maybe you’re going to surprise your beau for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you plan to throw an engagement party and want to create a romantic atmosphere for your partner. This sign acts as a beautiful backdrop for romantic selfies, group shots and good vibes only.

Sitting at 1.5m long, the prop can be altered to match the aesthetics of your event and wow your guests from the moment they walk through the door.

Size: 1.2m x 65cm

It’s Love

There’s something beautiful and spontaneous about eloping, especially when it’s done abroad. Spontaneity is the name of the game in Las Vegas and our It’s Love neon sign became the statement piece in this amazing Vegas inspired elopement shoot for The Un-Wedding!

So, whether you’re planning a themed wedding of your own, or simply want to create an intimate atmosphere, our sign is an ideal prop.

Stylish and elegant, it can be placed anywhere in a venue and be used as a backdrop for multiple photo shoots.

Size: 50cm x 1.2m

I Do

Two words with so much meaning. Two words that can lead to a bright future filled with romance.

Saying I do is one of the purest expressions of love and we aim to capture the simplicity and beauty of the phrase in this neon sign. Coming in multiple colours, the sign is right at home at an engagement bash or wedding reception.

Have your wedding photos taken in front of it and then look back with fond memories. Sometimes, the simplest signs are the best.

Size: 35cm x 90cm

Let The Good Times Roll

Our ‘let the good times roll’ neon can be used across 2 lines (as pictured) or as 1 consecutive phrase giving you more versatility on where and how the sign is placed as part of your display.

As always, there is the option to change the neon colour to suit your theme.

Size: 120cm x 90cm

Happily Ever After

Your fairytale wedding starts here…

Our happily ever after sign is the perfect backdrop for your wedding! Fully customisable neon colours available to suit your big day.

Size: 128cm x 28cm


Suppliers and store owners this one’s for you! First impressions count, right? Tired of overthinking your window display?

Brighten up your display with neon and stand out from the crowd. Blue. Green. Purple. Red. Our Sale sign comes in various colours to match the vibe and energy of your shop.

Whether you want to hire a sign for the weekend or make it a permanent part of your store, it’s a truly versatile prop that’s sure to capture the attention of customers.

Size: 45cm x 45cm


Can’t see what you’re looking for and want something unique or specific to you?

Lyrics to your favourite song?
A dream to have your own name in lights?
“Mr & Mrs Knowles-Carter”

We can create custom neons, so get in touch with your ideas!

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